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I haven't done a good science related rant in awhile, so just by coincidence there are a couple articles that deserve 'teh doctor's special attentions.

Well, is it?

Once again, the 'basic data' on our solar system needs to be revised. Researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) have announced the discovery of two small satellites (S/2005 P1 and P2) that orbit the 9th planet. Located around 27,000 miles from the diminutive planet, these are less than a hundred miles in diameter and ~ 5000 x fainter than Pluto itself.

This brings the total number of satellites to three (three is the number, the number shall be three..), more than any other Kuiper Belt Object (KBO). It also has more than any inner planet - which brings up this amusing question: WTF constitutes a planet? Let's see, though Pluto is smaller than our Moon, it has an atmosphere, an evolved/ active surface, and most importantly - three friggen moons. OK - International Astronomical Union (IAU), what the FUCK else does it STILL need to prove its planetary status? And what about the 'ten planet' discovered a few months ago that is considerably larger than Pluto and also has a satellite?

Now what I'd like to see - someone discover a really LARGE KBO, let's say one that's Mars or even Earth sized that's out 5 to +10x farther than Pluto itself. Is the IAU still going to call it a "KBO" - or will these arrogant astro-bastards finally relent? This will be amusing to see..

EEKS - "Dire Straits"

Here's a fine example of taking a model to its illogical extremes. Scientists at Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory have developed a detailed model IF ALL the oil/coal -etc, reserves were burned by the year 2300. Their model predicts a global temperature rise of 8 degrees C, and up to 20 degrees C in the polar areas causing widespread melting of the polar caps.

OK, before all the 'greens' start going apeshit Chicken Little-style - let's look at this more closely. This 'brilliant model' implies that *everything* will stay the course, that the new technologies won't develop, and overlooks problems like overpopulation, war and pestilence are neglected. Bah - this is arm waving crap at its finest. Its one thing to make a 25 or even 50 year projection - but making such a long range prediction is sheer bullshit.

This is on the order of asking the stone-age tribesman in central New Guinea - "How would you communicate longer distances in the future?" ..And he answers .."By building bigger drums!" - all the while his body and surroundings are being permeated by all manner of electromagnetic radiation (such as radio).

Some of this stuff really isn't worthy of print, or this case - a weblink.
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