Marcos (zeekar) wrote in snobss,

TAI vs UTC, leap seconds vs leap hours, thoughts?

This may be OT: it's actual science, but the bullshit is on the scientists' part in this instance, rather than the pseudoscientists'.

So yesterday the UTC new year was rung in a second late for the first time in seven years. And possibly the last time, since the PTB are mulling eradication of the leap second system, apparently in favor of a leap hour system, which seems like a terrible idea - sure, they'll be extremely rare, but they'll be a lot more disruptive when they do occur.

I don't understand why we don't just use TAI; screw the discrepancies with UT1. Who care if it's not true solar noon over Greenwich at 1200Z? It's not anyway what with nutation and obliquity. The difference won't add up to a half hour for 1000 years, and Atlanta is already further off than that since it longitudinally belongs in Central rather than Eastern time. Sure, astronomers do calculations over much longer timespans, but they use TD instead of UT precisely to avoid such issues.

What do y'all think?
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