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The 'Curse' of the Were-Explorer

Note: This isn't a typical 'science entry' - but rather an article (with links) exploding the myth that Columbus "discovered America" - and especially debunking that he "proved the world was round" crap.

Like some of my readers, I have today off. In Canada, its Thanksgiving, a very kewl holiday in my book. But in America, its a tribute to that greedy, stubborn asshat named Christopher Clod-dumbass Columbus whose main claim to fame was his lack of math ability and researching the ancients. Let's face it - its a "tribute" to a man who was had poor navigational skills who *somehow* got the attentions of Queen Isabella.

Don't believe me? Well - go read this informative wiki article - or indulge in thy doctor's brilliant snark in this post I made last year.

Truthfully, I much rather have Leifr Eiriksson day, or Native American Land Bridge Crossing Day. That would make sense IMHO.

However, I live in a state were they still worship long dead, questionable causes like Robert E. Lee (his day used to be Martin Luther King's Day - now the day after turkey-day) and Confederate Memorial Day.

But a day off is a day off - so WTF? It's still better than going to work.
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